Measures That Matter℠

Measure Economic Impact of the Strategic Initiatives

Have you ever wondered about the economic impact of your strategic initiatives? 

Measures That Matter℠ is designed to measure the economic impact of activities on the stakeholders across a broad spectrum:

  • If you are a corporation, we help measure the economic contributions you make as a business to the individuals, community, city, region, state, nation and globally
  • If you are a not-for profit-organization that is focused on issues such as cultural, social, educational or developmental, locally or globally, we can help you calculate the economic contributions you are making across the breadth of your stakeholders
  • If you are a government agency, local, state or federal, we can estimate the economic impact of your activities to the stakeholders that you are targeting


Enhance Performance - Add Missing Economic Dimension

  • May times the economic impact of the strategic initiatives, relationships and activities is not considered and thus undermining the performance and contributions of a project, entity or an organization

Attract Investors & Donors

  • Hard dollar contributions  along with other non-economic benefits is more attractive to investors, donors, grantors, volunteers and contributors

Change the Narrative 

  • Inclusion of multi-dimensional economic impact of activities dramatically changes conversation among stakeholders and a key differentiation among competitors for finite resources