Population Healthiness Index (Φ) ℠

Developed after years of research and insights into the major sectors of healthcare, Population Healthiness Index (Φ) ℠ is designed to address the core challenge of healthcare, a SINGLE number that represents the health and vitality of a Whole Person.   

The model captures, analyzes, interconnects and calculates ΦScore℠ - a SINGLE number for 12 human Dimensions, 4 States, over 50 Factors and hundreds of Stages.



valuelab® is a process and an environment that propels breakthrough thinking and dramatically accelerates problem resolution and creation of innovative solutions. 

valuelab® is a powerful platform to develop innovative solutions to virtually any issue  irrespective of the industry, product or service.


Measures That Matter℠

Measures That Matter℠  is a model that estimates the economic impact of strategic initiatives such as global partnerships, business/infrastructure investments, sister city relationships, tourism, sports, and entertainment, on a community, city, county, state, country and globally.