Innovative Solutions to be the Best in Your Business

valuelab® is the culmination of years of experience in problem solving, solution creation and execution.  It leverages the Collective Genius of a group (12 - 200) consisting of people, internal and external to the organization, with relevant experience and expertise on the issues at hand.


valuelab® is a process and an environment that propels breakthrough thinking and dramatically accelerates problem resolution and creation of innovative solutions to virtually any issue irrespective of the industry, product or service.


valuelab® ENVIRONMENT is simultaneously creative and learning:

  • As a creative environment, valuelab® is an open, fast paced and challenging that encourages individuals and groups to break through the shackles of the current-state thinking and create innovative concepts and models of the future. 
  • As a learning environment, instead of the futile and destructive process of arguing against someone’s experience (something you can not change), valuelab® actively encourages learning from each other's experience and combining them to create new ideas, that in turn leads to innovative concepts, models and eventual solutions.

  valuelab® PROCESS is intense and highly accelerated 

  • Deploys novel strategies to tease out the best of the ideas from individuals and groups.
  • Iterates to combine and refine ideas and creates an ultimate solution that is culmination of the best of the ideas of the whole group – the Collective Genius.

valuelab® RESULTS include the best of the thinking to create solutions that are:

  • Faster - at a fraction of the time of the traditional processes
  • Innovative – highly innovative and practical solutions for virtually any issue including complex, large scoped issues that the traditional approaches are not able to address
  • Executable- practical and reality based implementation plans that build on the current state and show a pathway to and from the future state 

  • Consensus Driven- tremendous buy-in of the participants, typically a large cross-section of the stakeholders to the solutions.
  • Be the Best - the explicit premise of a valuelab® is to be the best in the business.  The ideas, concepts, eventual solutions and execution plans are geared toward building and enhancing the competitive differentiation.

valuelab® BENEFITS


Fires up dormant creativity and promotes a culture of excellence and innovation

A process and environment that propels break-through thinking and accelerates the creation of innovative solutions

Compresses solution development time by as much as 80% in comparison to the traditional methods

Creates wide-ranging, innovative and practical solutions in 120 days or less

Speeds up execution and probability of success by building consensus and buy-in of the participants

Resolves virtually any issue including complex management challenges unsolvable by traditional means