Population Healthiness Index (Φ) ℠

The Game Changer in Healthcare


Developed  after years of research and insights into the major sectors in healthcare, Population Healthiness Index (Φ) ℠ is designed to address the core challenge of healthcare, a SINGLE number that represents the health and vitality of a Whole Person. See the graphic above. 


Population Healthiness Index (Φ) ℠ is a simple and easy to understand tool. It captures, analyzes, interconnects and calculates ΦScore℠ - a SINGLE number for 12 human Dimensions, 4 States, over 50 Factors and hundreds of Stages. 

Population Healthiness Index (Φ) ℠ provides the overarching missing link in the measurement system with the potential to dramatically simplify and transform healthcare markets from within. 

Population Healthiness Index (Φ) ℠ could help eliminate $ 1 trillion of waste, inefficiency and fraud from the current $3.5 trillion industry by changing from:


  • Piecemeal to Integrated Service Deliver
  • Indirect to Direct Measure of Human Healthiness
  • Sickness Care to Healthiness Care Model
  • Complex to Simplified Transactions
  • Wasteful to Efficient System
  • Fraud and Gaming to Transparency
  • Confounded to Enlightened Consumers  
  • Limited to System Wide Improvements
  • Narrow to Broad Innovation Platforms
  • Actuarial to Actual Cost
  • Worst to Best Healthcare System   


Impact on Stakeholders



Personalized and Proactive Medicine


Engaged and Informed Patients for Effective Care 


Employee Health to Improve Productivity and Enterprise Value 


Simplified and Efficient Performance & Payment Systems

Providers & Systems: 

Efficient and Effective Care Delivery 

Pharmas & Biotechs:

Innovative Platforms for Disease Management 

Regulators & Advocates: 

Proactive and Enhanced Public Health